First Post - About Me

My background in investing started even before I attended college.  I had a passion for public market investing at an early age, an interest which blossomed over the years into a hobby and then into a profession.  Currently, I am a growth stage investor at Redpoint Ventures and focus almost entirely on consumer-facing Internet businesses.  While I spend almost all of my time in the growth sphere, I consider myself a multi-stage investor with a lens that spans early stage, late stage, and public markets. Over the years, I have read a lot of great posts by VC bloggers but I have struggled to find a good,consistent blog for all things consumer.  Consumer investing is very different from enterprise software or infrastructure investing.  Everything is different - the profile of the founders, the business models, the end users, and the key metrics and KPIs.  I find investing to be both an art and a science and believe that consumer investing is skewed even more so to the former.  Additionally, consumer products and services are fundamental to our daily lives and so everyone has an opinion, which can at times be both a good thing and a bad thing.

I plan on using this blog as my personal observation tower for entrepreneurs and investors interested in the fast-paced world of consumer start-ups.  Stay tuned for S-1 teardowns, public stock spotlights, thematic trends, sector primers and whatever else floats my boat!  I hope that it can be both informative and practical as we debate the next big thing!